Video poker jackpot: is it real to hit huge jackpot fast? List of the biggest casino winners

Video poker jackpot

Video poker jackpot – easy ways to increase your chances to hit jackpot

The jackpot is what many people play online slots for. Just imagine that for one successful bet you can win money for the rest of your life. Of course, jackpots differ depending on the video poker machine. There are games with a fixed jackpot, which is only a few thousand dollars. In such games, the maximum reward can be obtained hitting royal flush with maximum multiplier.

And there are video poker games with a progressive jackpot. This is exactly what you need. The jackpot on the machine increases for each hand played. Some video poker jackpot games take into account only your personal games, others – the games of all casino visitors. In Vegas, the progressive jackpot of some games can reach a million real money dollars. But is there a way to increase your chance to pick up this bag of money?

Simple tricks to increase your chances of winning jackpot

In video poker, the jackpot is the royal flush. This is the rarest combination in the game, but the reward for it is corresponding. If you want to try to hit the video poker jackpot, then first of all you should:

  1. Check all the video poker machines in the casino and find those that have a progressive jackpot. Then compare in which game it is the biggest. We need a high limit and a big jackpot.
  2. After you have decided on the game, start the game and select the maximum number of hands. So, you increase your chance for royal flush.
  3. Always keep any of the royal flush cards – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten of the same suit.
  4. If you are unlucky for one Vegas jackpot slot machine, try changing it to another with a progressive jackpot. Maybe there you will be luckier.
  5. Choose a game with a minimum house edge, so as not to waste all the money in vain. The pursuit of the jackpot will take some time, and you need not to lose all the money trying.
  6. Change the casino. In almost every casino you can find a progressive video poker jackpot. Maybe on another site or in a neighboring building there is a slot machine with a jackpot 10 times larger than the one you are trying to get.

Using these tips, you will increase your chance to hit a royal flush and grab massive reward.

Video poker jackpot

The biggest jackpots in video poker

Las Vegas has always been and will remain a place of big bets and big jackpots. And in February 2020, an incredible event happened again. In the Wynn Las Vegas casino, the guy made the usual $10 spin, which brought him a giant progressive jackpot – $1,734,677.19. Good payout for a $10 bet, don’t you think so?

A month earlier, in January 2020, the girl decided to play her favorite video poker, made $5 spin and received an unexpected payment – $5.4 million video poker jackpot. It is hard to imagine what she experienced at that moment. In another casino, a regular gambler was able to get a jackpot of $2.2 million per $5 spin. Not a bad return!

Thanks to such news, it becomes clear that to win a real millionth jackpot is real. You should not give up and continue to try. And one day you will surely succeed!

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